How to Convert Cut Lines to Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

When opening an SVG file in Cricut Design Space, every line is imported as a cut line. If your project has folds that are intended to be scored, you'll need to convert the cut lines to score. 

If you have purchased one of my files, you will see in the download, two folders that are "You don't have a scoring tool" and "You have a scoring tool".



Inside the folder "You don't have a scoring tool", you will find SVG cut files with dashed score lines. These lines are intended to be cut with the cutting machine blade. It is perfect for those who don't have a cutting machine with a scoring tool or prefer to have dashed fold lines. The only downside to using this file is depending on your design, it may take longer for you to cut out the project as the cutting machine has to cut each dashed line individually. The upside is you don't need any special setting, just set to cut cardstock as you normally would!


Inside the folder "You have a scoring tool", you will find SVG cut files with solid score lines, these are usually shown in red however when imported into Cricut Design Space, they become black which may be a tad confusing if you don't know what you are looking for.

These lines are intended to be scored with the scoring tool. It is perfect for those who have a scoring stylus or scoring wheel and prefer to have solid indented fold lines. The process for your machine cutting these is much quicker than the dashed score lines mentioned above. The only downside is you need to tell the Cricut which lines need to be scored. 


So now let's go through how to do that!


STEP 1: Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space

STEP 2: Ungroup the Shapes: By default, all of the shapes will be grouped together. In order to select individual lines, right-click on the grouped shapes and select Ungroup from the pop-up menu.


STEP 3: Select and Convert Score lines: 

Select all of the fold lines on the canvas, then click on "Basic Cut" in the Operation section of the navigation bar to see a drop-down menu. Select score to change the selected lines to score lines.

Sometimes, small lines can be difficult to select individually. If you have trouble selecting a line on the canvas, just locate the shape in the layer panel on the right. Click the row to select the shape and then select score from the drop-down menu at the top of the canvas. 


If done correctly, you will then see that the layer has been changed from "Basic Cut" to "Score". You will now also see the ornament holder has dotted score lines showing instead of solid score lines.

Do the same steps for all the layers that need to be scored.

STEP 4: Attach Layers: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP! Once you have changed all the score lines to score you need to attach each shape. This will make sure the Cricut will score and then cut the project where it is intended. Select each shape (with cut and score line layers together) right click and click on attach.

Do this for all layers/shapes that have score and cut lines together.


STEP 5: Cut out your project: You should now see the shape with the cut and score lines showing together. Go ahead and cut out your project. :)




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